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Yoga Younion
Why Yoga

At Yoga Younion we acknowledge that everyone who walks through our doors comes to their mat for different reasons. For some it is strength and flexibility, for many it is stress reduction, some come for a sense of community or spiritual development. Whatever your reason you are welcome here. You may find that your reason for pratice changes. Yoga helps you feel better mentally, physically, emotionally.  Yoga can inspire you live a healthy life, and realize your goals and unlimited potential.
We practice with the body we walk through the door with.  We allow the pose to fit the body not the body fit what we think the pose should be. This approach allows for expression, recognizing our own unique anatomy and no two bodies will look the same in any one posture.  First and foremost Yoga should feel good and feel safe.  Our intention is always to create an uplifting environment  and classes that are enjoyable and inspirational.

All of our instructors have completed a minimum of 200 hours of Yoga teacher training and some are working on the next certification to reach 500 hours.  We love yoga and it is a part of our daily lives, not just our livelihood. Some of our specialized training includes 
Yoga for Seniors, Children, Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga and Yoga for Special Needs.
Benefits of Yoga

·         Increase balance
·         Increase strength
·         Increase flexibility

          Increase lung capacity
·         Improve posture and core 
·         Increased self confidence
·         Lower blood pressure
·         Decreased stress
·         Improved over all sense of well being